Plessy vs. Ferguson

-by Aaron King

Photo by Jack Beck


“Separate but equal.”

Declared the highest chamber of the American judicial system

Whose ruling of Plessy v. Ferguson allowed for a ongoing era

Of racial & cultural injustice

In America.

But that is not the worst effect

Of a decision gone wrong

What went awry was its promotion

Of an Us

versus Them

Mentality in America.

Majority versus minority

Allowed for generations of hate

Caused by fundamental misunderstanding

That still remains in the rifts

The cracks

The crevices

Of American society.

A quick look at twitter feeds,

Comment sections,

And social media accounts

Shows us that these lessons of blind, irrational hate

Are still tought to many Americans.

Just look to the President

But much more importantly

The system that supported him

For proof.