Dear America

-by Aaron King

Art by Alex Blom

Dear America,

I wish you wouldn’t force thousands of innocent people to leaver their homes to a fate that results in less opportunity for a life of happiness – and leaving thousands more disrupted by the sudden displacement of friends and family.

I wish that you make sense of the realization that these people, although they may seem foreign to you, make you the home to a diverse population of people – and that you should celebrate this instead of trying to eliminate this.

I hope that you can make life for these poor people easier, by building affordable houses and apartments where they can raise a family in.

I hope you realize that many of these people are protected under your rules. And to destroy rules that have existed for years would make many more people scared of your possible path of hypocrisy.

I want you to realize that having these diverse number of cultures does not threaten you. Instead, it makes you stronger having been built by a number of people who were from different ethnic and economic backgrounds.

I want you to know that these people can integrate into your culture, as long as you protect their right to celebrate their ethnicity instead of electing a president notorious for using their ethnicity against them.

I really like you, America, but you seem to be heading down a path of exclusion that would disrupt the lifestyles of people from smaller groups that aren’t necessarily “mainstream”. And by doing that, you could make it even harder on the minorities that already are a part of America to mix into your lifestyle.

I know that the effect of that would be really bad for you. Please, consider what I’m saying.

With concern,

Aaron King